Monday, May 22, 2006

Back from the saddle again

I apologize for not posting in ages. In an attempt to actually get some work done before the summer semester starts, I decided that I couldn't rightly blog and not do my own work. (Plus, I got sick, a form of mini-pneumonia. Mmm, fun.) Of course, the semester begins again tomorrow, so it's a perfect time to begin again.

Among other things, the new semester brings a new class blog which should see considerably more action than the last class blog. This is because the large majority of tehir assignments will be blog entries. It should be fun and interesting -- and hey, also contribute to the sincere dearth of information out there on short films (one of the reasons I'm teaching the course).

The other small reason for the lack of Xan updates: he's walking like a champ now and has indeed acquired his first pair of shoes! We'll have to take a picture of the be-sandaled feet sometime in the near future.


Joel said...

Better Mini-Pneumonia than mini Bird flu...

Hooray for Xan. Can't wait to finally meet the little guy. I may actually make it up that way in the next year [no promises]

[OT: I've changed sites. I'll soon be abandoning the old blog. Note the link]

Middento said...

Actually, as it turns out, it is closer to bird flu after all: I came home today to a phone call alerting me that my throat culture tested positive for strep. All of a sudden, my "silly trip to the doctor" seems much more real!

base2wave said...

Eak! We I hope you feel better soon and it passes its course quickly.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Xan, get well greetings to you1
Patty K