Wednesday, May 03, 2006

My 'shmen Oge will appreciate this

Sorry I haven't written anything for a while but, well, it's finals time, which means I'm trying to slog through my nightmarish amount of work to grade before the end of the semester. That, and there are a lot of fun things going on. We have been doing some neat things and so I have some correspondingly cool photos to share over the next few days.

Like this one, taken on the last day of classes last Friday. Naturally, what would the end of semester be without a trip to Guapo's for margaritas with the Writing Faculty? And what would drinking margaritas be like without a baby to share them with? As you can see, baby Xan is well on his way to the finer appreication of cheap tequila, just like Mom and Dad. (Uncle Chuck, by the way, is the one fostering foisting alcohol on my son.)

Why bring Oge into this? No, my darling former freshman when I was an Undergraduate Advisor at Dartmouth -- the sweet boy who was not only an offensive linebacker tackle (I think?...), but also upon occasion would demonstrate wrestling moves (along with the "turkey trot") on his poor defenseless UGA, much to the laughter of his fellow dorm-mates -- would never think that plying alcohol to a minor would be a good thing. Nope, never. The fact that I caught the entire freshman contingency from my hallway in his room on day #3 of classes must have been a complete anomaly. (So, I suppose, was my agreement that, at only the age of 20 myself, I wouldn't tell anyone if they gave me a beer as well.)

No, Oge would be happy because the gift he sent ages ago finally fits my son. Yes, now that's it's summertime, my son can act as a walking billboard with his onesie emblazoned with the logo from EA Sports, where Oge is employed. (You can't see it here, but trust me, it's there.) Among other things, such a sign on my son may up my street cred with my students since then they might think that I actually have time to play videogames as well as grade their papers and keep up with the latest in Hollywood fare.

(Holy smokes, I just found out that Oge has a blog, too. Given his fanatic love for all things Star Wars, I'm not surprised at the blog name. Have I mentioned that at watching the original movie with him and other freshmen, he -- correctly -- identified that I was C-3PO?) Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Nice photo. Never too young for margaritas, never too drunk for more margaritas. But since it was the writing faculty: I suspect Chuck was actually foisting the alcohol.(?)

Happy grading! As always, let me know if you need help ;)


Middento said...

Oops! Can you tell I'm a little brain-dead these days? Thanks...

cardhead said...

As long as we're piling on the corrections, there's no such thing as an offensive linebacker, unless of course you mean that he was a linebacker who was also offensive :-)

Middento said...

Gee, can you tell that I know oh-so-much about football? Damn.