Monday, May 08, 2006

Staying up late

Oddly enough, this posting is not about my having to stay up late tonight, as I (a) finish crafting my final exam which I will give tomorrow morning, and (b) finish grading the few straggling assignments I have avoided doing for my graduate class before their final presentations, also tomorrow. Tomorrow shall be one heck of a day, by the way, as my third class also has a final tomorrow. Oy.

No, the person staying up late tonight is obviously my son who, as it turns out, had a very hard day and decided he needed to finish it up by quietly watching 24 with us. (The day's events included going to the doctor and getting three shots, but apparently did not involve any naps at daycare today at all, leaving us with one very grumpy little boy.) Xan has some fantastic theories about why Miles is a scuzzball and why Audrey's shirt is becoming strangely red (is it the blood? or has she been afflicted with Trekkian wardrobe issues, perhaps?) but since we can't yet speak Xan and the only intelligible things he can communicate right now involve the ball, the cat, the ceiling fan and milk, I can't scoop you about how he thinks the season will end. Unless stopping the evil ministrations of President Logan actually involves President Logan thwarting Jack Bauer by having a cat bounce a ball off a ceiling fan into a bottle of milk; in that case, well, you heard it hear first. ("Chloe, can you use the sattelite to send the ETA of the ball hitting the milk to my PDA?" "There's no time, Jack!! Get out of there!!" "Meeeeoooow!")

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