Friday, May 26, 2006


Our daycare provider, who is about to head off to Italy to visit her sister, apparently has encouraged my son's minor addiction fascination with balls by teaching him the above word.

Granted, we were already planning to watch the World Cup on Univision this year anyway, but now I'm wondering if she secretly has brainwashed my child into like the Ecuadorian team. (I'm still pulling for Spain to take it all.)

Anyway, since Xan appears to be happily indoctrinated into World Cup fever -- just like his dad -- you may note a new countdown indicating JUST HOW CLOSE THIS EVENT IS!!!! (le pant... le heave...)

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Lisa PW said...

Personally I'm rooting for the Azzurri! Spain's in a pretty easy early grouping, I bet they'll make it relatively far ;) Equador on the other hand has Germany to contend with.