Friday, June 09, 2006


As I type this, there is less than a half-hour to...


As I plan to watch nearly all of this on Univision, I'm watching a hysterical set of commercials catered specifically to the event as well. I'm particularly impressed that the anthem of the event happens to be in at least five languages that I could determine.

And my son? He is napping right now.

In a half hour, let me tell you, he won't be. Naps will wait. Food shopping will wait. Academic work will wait.

Germany vs. Costa Rica. If you're reading out there, Stefan -- I fear that once again I'm rooting against you. (As for the second match, Poland vs. Ecuador? Well, given that my son is at least part Polish, I'm going to have to go against the Latins this time...)

So excited.


Anonymous said...

doquodnye! nye movye pupolska...
Los futbolers latin es muy mal...

the translation from the pol-span-glish? Of course! I don't speak polish, but the latin soccer players are very bad. :)

ps: ange can laught at my inability to spell polish, as I only know words orally.

Middento said...

Heh, as long as I can laugh at your Spanish. ;) As of right now, of course, Ecuador is kicking some Polish butt.

Which brings up the point that I forget that Xan's daycare provider is Ecuadorian. And while Angela probably hasn't been indoctrinating Xan with the notion that Poland should defeat all in the World Cup, you KNOW that he has probably been taught to root for Ecuador.

McNastabator said...

The Czech Republic vs. The US

Win/win situation for me!

Middento said...

You dork. US and the Czech Republic are in the same preliminary group... with Italy. Not quite the Group of Death (that's the one playing now -- Argentina/Serbia-Montenegro/Netherlands/Cote d'Ivoire), but probably the next-toughest group. Unless a miracle happens (which we should all pray for), then either US or Czech Rep will be eliminated... in fact, one will probably eliminate the other.

Stick to basketball. ;)

Anonymous said...

Do the Finns have a team? Xan is definitely part Finn.

Patty K