Thursday, June 01, 2006

So geeked!!

No no, it's not time yet for the World Cup. That's next week.

Right now it's time for THE NATIONAL SPELLING BEE!!! And I don't care what JJ says, spelling makes for compelling television. I'm a little scared about what ABC is going to do to the poor spellers as they hit broadcast TV during primetime tonight. That said, we members of the cable-less population are happy to have it on broadcast. I may actually end class early tonight to make sure I catch it all. I even brought Angela's bike in so that I can zoom from class to metro to home quickly. Woohoo!!

UPDATE: In getting my clips together for today's class, I got sucked into the preliminary rounds. The bad news is that I didn't get the amount of work done that I wanted; the good news is that I now know who I'm rooting for! (Early favorites already out: Bonny Jain, winner of this year's national geography bee, and Samir Patel, last year's runner-up who I remember as an 8-year-old in the bee making it all the way to 5th place.) Here are my choices:
  • Finola Hackett, because she knew how to spell "bdelloid" (of or pertaining to leeches -- great word)
  • Katherine Close, because she's coooool as a cucumber
  • Charley Allegar, because he seems like a total jock lunkhead who them pulls words like "reliquiae" out of thin air because he really seems to know them
And now, I must apologize to these three who, now that I'm rooting for them, will undoubtedly lose. Still, I can root.

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