Saturday, June 10, 2006

You don't want me as a fan

Let's take a look at how I thought the first few games of the World Cup would turn out in order to make my previously articulated brackets work. My predictions:
  • Game 1: Costa Rica d. Germany
  • Game 2: Poland d. Ecuador
  • Game 3: Paraguay d. England
  • Game 4: Sweden d. Trinidad & Tobago
  • Game 5: Cote d'Ivoire d. Argentina
OK, granted, at least two of those -- Costa Rica and Cote d'Ivoire beating relative powerhouses Germany and Argentina -- would have been major upsets, but at least two of the above games should have been pretty much no-brainers, with the England-Paraguay match supposed to be a good match.

This is the reality:
  • Game 1: Germany d. Costa Rica, 4-2 in what turned out to be a relatively exciting game since the Central Americans made the Germans work for it
  • Game 2: Ecuador d. Poland, 2-0 in a really impressive rout
  • Game 3: England d. Paraguay, 1-0 in a deserved trouncing -- England played very well and Paraguay has no more Chilavert
  • Game 4: Sweden and Trinidad & Tobago draw (which is pretty much a major Trinidadian victory in everyone's eyes, including the Trinidadians)
  • Game 5: Argentina d. Cote d'Ivoire, 2-1 in a game that started out boring but got more exciting as things went on
As I mentioned to someone today, this all goes to prove my expert knowledge... in film.

So when I say I'm gunning for the Netherlands, Mexico and Portugal tomorrow -- well, perhaps you should expect some impressive work by Serbia and Montenegro, Iran and Angola respectively. Egad.


Lisa PW said...

Just don't root for Italy then.

cardhead said...

England played well?!? That game was everything that is wrong with soccer. They got a lucky goal in the fourth minute and played uninspired keep-away for eighty-six minutes. How did people watch this game before there was an internet to surf?