Sunday, February 04, 2007

How would you characterize us here?

a) We're engrossed, because it's the Super Bowl, duh. (Yes, we watch.)
b) We're flabbergasted at the 93-yard return only 14 seconds in the game.
c) We're mystified, because Billy Joel appears to have surfaced from the black lagoon Dick Cheney's bunker wherever he's been hiding all this time. (Prince, too.)
d) We're non-plussed, just prepping for the Oscars. (Go Dreamgir...uh, Colts!)


Anonymous said...

Please, please tell me you didn't actually like Dreamgirls... I thought maybe you of all people... ah well.

Middento said...

(Um, actually, I haven't even seen Dreamgirls. And, whoever you are, it should be noted that that movie isn't nominated for Best Picture anyway...;)

Anonymous said...

Billy Joel sounded old. Prince is still a funky little man, though! I look fwd to some football-watching with Xan next fall.

base2wave said...

I vote C). The goblin and I watched the Sci-Fi network and went out for ice-cream. Guess you got the sports gene..., cause it sure as heck ain't us.

Off Topic: I watched Pan's Labyrinth in the original theatrical spanish version [on high quality DVD( with subtitles; my spanish is still a bit week)... don't ask], if you haven't seen it yet, do so.

Middento said...

I'm sorry -- there's a sports gene? Perhaps you forget that, as a media guy, I was watching the commercials. That said, I did figure out how football was played in college, but only because I wanted to know when, as a member of the marching band, we were supposed to play.

Anonymous said...

All of the above.
I haven't seen Dreamgirls either, and don't have any favorites for the Oscars, not having seen a lot last year. Did like Leonardo in BD. Are you having an Oscar Party this year?
Patty K

Linzey said...

Dan and I both HATED Dreamgirls... wait to see it on DVD if you must see it!

McNastabator said...

e) You're both watching Angela do yoga.

he he he