Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Why romantic comedies always end at the wedding, not at married life

"I'm going to bed. I'm tired."


"I would love for you to come to bed with me."

"Me too, but I have to get some more papers graded before I have to hand them back tomorrow. Besides, I still have to do the dishes."

"You know, in the real world, doing the dishes is far sexier anyway."



"His hands dive deep into the soapy water, roughly handling the firm yet supple spatula before caressing it with a sponge, allowing bubbles to drip sumptuously onto the crock pot."

"OK, maybe not that sexy. And 'crock pot'? We don't even have a crock pot."

"Yeah, well, 'doing the dishes is sexy'? Also a crock."

(And with that, I wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day! And may we all have a snow day -- or at least a snow delay -- tomorrow morning...)



middento, we actually discussed just this phenom on the new podcast. Catherine pointed this out.

this is why i think eternal sunshine, is so romantic. it is about the long haul.

McNastabator said...

You are more of a crack pot.

Anonymous said...

And a Happy Chinese New Year to all! Another great excuse to eat Dim Sum, YUM! Patty K