Saturday, August 25, 2007

Crash boom bah

There's an amazingly awesome storm going on right now, while I am finding things for my last syllabus and I'm recovering from a lovely day. Today we had a completely family-oriented day, complete with something we have been wanting to institute for quite a long time:

Family Reading Time.

Yes, at some point today (probably inspired by the ridiculously hot weather), chez Middents-Dadak got right down to it with all three of us with a large book in hand, quietly reading away. Xan's current choice of obsession, found last week at the library: Richard Scarry's Cars, Trucks and Things That Go. This is a monster book that takes us almost a half-hour to get through: about 50 pages or so, chock-full of all sorts of pictures of the best things in the world, which are cars and trucks. (In the library the other day -- X: "That's a pickle truck!" J: "Yes, Xan, that is a pickle truck." Noticing a mom looking at me funny, I continue: "You think I'm nuts. It says right here, 'pickle truck.'") This afternoon, he sat quietly leafing through the pages on his bed while Ange and I secretly beamed, surrounding him with love and books of our own.

At this moment, the rain (much-needed) is pouring down in an amazing display, and a thunderclap broke nearby with a loud crash. I just checked the house and everyone still slumbers; all is well.

Tomorrow (Sunday) is officially my last day of summer, what with the new semester starting on Monday. If I finish the syllabi early enough, I plan to finally put up a summer recap. Also, tomorrow is the Supporting Actress Smackdown for 1970 over at Stinkylulu - check it out to see how my gal Ellen holds up against the other candidates 27 years later.

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