Thursday, April 28, 2005

Anya would be very happy

I know that as a new parent, I have new inexplicable attitudes toward life in general and I'm not supposed to be morbid or anything. Then again, the other day I discovered I needed some Stephen King to calm down, and I've been included Depeche Mode's "Never Let Me Down Again" in my lullaby repertoire. And besides, Ange made him the most amazing quilt involving monsters in the hopes that he therefore won't be afraid of him.

So, perhaps I shouldn't be as concerned about the fact that I find this to be outrageously funny, in a horrible way. (The title of this post serves as a warning, though perhaps only the Buffy freaks will get it...)


Priscilla said...

I LOOOOOOOVE the quilt! Much more fun the the stars and moons or hearts I've done! 'greg'

Anonymous said...

okay. what's the point of a bunny committing suicide by sitting in the bottom of a tank with a breathing tube???? so much easier to just drown... *sigh* but then, who said bunnies had any smarts.


Middento said...

I thought the same thing!!! Then again, that made it all the funnier for me. "Rather thann just drowning, I want to be sure to commit suicide *in a particular way*." Love those bunnies.

Nephew Joel said...

Oh dear god, sides splitting with laughter. I am personally a fan of the Dr. Who related suicide [And as a side note, should you want to see the NEW BBC3 Dr. Who series, which is quite good, I've been collecting them in DiVX format and could mail you them]. You must tell Angela I adore the moster quilt, what a great piece!

And totally unrelated, but should you have high speed access I bring you the scariest cover of "Total Eclipse of the Heart" EVER made.