Saturday, April 16, 2005

Dad returns!

Well, it's been a little while since I've posted anything. Not for lack of info -- on the contrary. There was the conference in London where I experienced nightlife accidentally by getting lost while looking for a Kinko's. There has been the most amazing cards I got the last couple days, not only from a former student but then from his parents, which touched me deeply. And of course today's fun experience on campus where the three of us emerged for the first time in ages and got swamped just as we were about to go. I have so much to write about. And I still haven't finished the damn birth story?

And why not? Becuase of this little guy, currently lying on my chest. Fast asleep, with a little cute snoring sound. I just love him so.

Just don't seem to have the time, unless I painstakingly type with one hand while I have a moment online. Well, let's see if I can just keep going. I'll try to get all those stories up when and if I can. But I'll also try to get to the here and now and keep you up to date with the little guy.


Anonymous said...

when snuffy falls asleep on my lap when i'm working and starts to get in the way (he has a tendency to prop his head on my arm), i generally put him in his crate, or attach his leash to the table leg. you could try that with Xan. :-) --mortimer

Middento said...

Hahaha -- hmm, I wonder if Vega will mind us using her carrier for a different purpose. Particularly since it seems Snuffy is giving Xan lessons -- have I mentioned I'm typing one-handed right now?