Saturday, April 16, 2005

Stealing from children

Look at what happens to things people send to my son, like this t-shirt... Posted by Hello

And this towel... Posted by Hello

Twenty years too late, I will now confess that these activities -- where I, the mature one, appropriate stuff meant for a small child -- hearkens back to when I was a kid myself. I have a nephew named Joel (and boy, is he going to love to find out about this -- hi, Joel...) who my parents would buy gifts for. (His birthday, as it turns out, is the day before mine and he's about eight years younger than me.) This happened on any number of occasions, but in particular, I remember a Playskool farm set, with little figures and barnyard animals and what-not. I'm not sure if I helped my folks pick it out for him or not.

When we got home, I suggested that we couldn't send the gift unless we were sure it was, you know, in good condition. I offered to try it out.

I'm so sorry, Joel. Years later, I remember seeing it in my closet. I think I played with it again for old times' sake. I don't know how many gifts I appropriated for myself. Mea culpa.

In my defense, I've learned my lesson somewhat and Xan currently uses the towel. (Thanks, Shell!) The shirt, on the other hand....

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Joel said...

BWHAHAHAHA. Oh dear god, my sides are aching with laughter after reading that. I did this with Mariana's toys at times too, I do recall the stacking rings becoming an outlet for my neurosis; The Towers of Hanoi recursion model... Why do I suspect she will attempt a similar procedure in regards to things for Xan. I will be a new family tradition, reappropriation.