Monday, July 18, 2005

...and the ugly

On the same day I received my copy of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, I also got a notice which notified me I am being called up for jury duty. D'oh!! (I'm thinking I should take Xan to the courtroom when I finally have to go. You think that ploy will get me out of it?)


Mrs. Non-Gorilla said...

i am shocked and appalled that a takoma park resident would even think of shirking his civic responsibility!

OTOH, you can usually defer twice before they make you go -- the usual procedure is to call the clerk's office and explain your situation.

kgf said...

that makes two of us in utter shock. TSK. TSK. TSK.

And no, Xan is not a recognized excuse. Cute yes. Excuse no.

Every serious writer should go for jury duty at least once in his lifetime... Do you have to go to Rockville or Gaithersburg?

Middento said...

Ahem to las Foreit: not only have I done jury duty once before, I have done so just under two years ago, right before we hopped across the border into Maryland. (And if I lived in DC, I wouldn't mind as much, since DC residents come up for jury duty in a two-year rotation. Plus, it's not as far to Judiciary Square as it will be to go to Rockville.

My problem here is one of annoyance, simply that it appears that I will be called in September -- again. Meaning in the beginning of the school year. Which wreaks havoc on my syllabi. Why can't they get me in the summer? Sigh.

Oh yes, and on that particular day, I started out in seat #9 out of 85 and never left it. Yes, I was selected for the jury. (And for everyone's curiosity: guilty.)

(And yes -- on a completely separate note, Mrs. F, I don't think I have your email address and there's a party I'd love to invite you to. Jenny has the info -- can you add your mom to the evite, Jen?)