Thursday, July 28, 2005

¡Felíz 28 de julio!

It's Peruvian Independence Day!! Xan spent it basically being held by his Oma and Opa, one of which happens to be Peruvian, though I'm sure he'll at least learn more about how Peru smells with our big party on Saturday. Last year, I kinda forgot to tell anyone I was thinking about throwing a party and so basically no one showed up. And usually people are all excited about our Oscar parties in February and then don't show. This time we planned a little ahead of time and so far 57 people have responded to our invite. Egad!! For those of you in the DC area who read this, you're all invited -- but come early if you want some food, hahaha.

The heat also broke last night, thanks to an amazing thunderstorm, and it's about damn time. My poor parents arrived from wintry, foggy Lima to this horrendous heat wave and then had to sit inside all day yesterday because it was so frigging hot. Today, sitting on the porch and watching traffic with Xan was actually quite pleasant.

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Jeff, check your email. need details. Priscilla "greg" Huff