Sunday, July 03, 2005

Why I can now be considered an expert if NPR needs information about musical demonology

I guess the editors of Slayage needed the article right away for a reason -- my article has indeed been published! And it fits so nicely with the rest of the work there!

For those of you who aren't Buffy freaks, this is a reason to roll your eyes. But for me -- hooray! (And again -- it counts professionally!) It's kind of ironic that it's the most recent thing I've written and one of the first to come out in print. There's something to be said for online publications.

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Mrs. Non-Gorilla said...

well, i just read your article. neat stuff! a few questions/observations:

whedon's a white boy, who went to a very white college (wesleyan in the 80s -- did i ever mention he was the TA for a film theory class john took?), who was admittedly very influenced by white culture.... so it stands to reason that the show's pretty white, at least if he's going to be faithful to what he knows. (i think he used angel to break out of that a bit; firefly goes another step further.)

but have you noticed that buffy is the only aryan slayer referenced in the show? if you look at kendra, the two slayers spike offed, and pretty much all of the potentials, there's nary a blonde in the bunch, and most aren't even white.

in contrast, all the big bads were white -- the master, angel, the mayor, adam (although season four was the most unfocused as to a big bad), glory, willow, and of course, caleb/first.

and how could you write a whole twelve pages on OMWF without at least nodding to the overwhelming awesomeness that is spike???