Monday, July 04, 2005

Thoughts on Independence Day, 2005

I'm currently decked out in my standard American-holiday apparel: a white t-shirt which reads "MADE IN AMERICA (wth Peruvian parts)." I don't think I could own a better t-shirt. Today's activities: hanging out with some friends at the Takoma Park 4th of July parade, painting a mess of Ikea furniture, playing with a naked baby in the backyard while listening to classical music on NPR (for once, since WETA stopped playing it), making "burgers" out of tofu, mushrooms and pecans (although if you think that we're being healthy, we at that accompaneid with Trader Joe's blue cheese fries... mmm...), playing Scrabble while watching a Capital 4th on PBS.

Some thoughts on today's events:
  • This family needs to listen to more Aaron Copeland. Because, well, he just rocks.
  • This family needs not to listen to the Beach Boys. Because, well, they rock, but badly now. Poor guys, their voices just can't quite hit those notes anymore.
  • Steel drum bands also rock. There were two in this year's parade. (Xan slept through both of them while in the Bjorn. Sigh.)
  • Politicians no longer kiss babies. This, despite me running after one at the parade screaming, "KISS MY BABY!!!" Then again, maybe that's why he got nervous. We'll try again next year, particularly since it's an election year.
  • "Monkery" is a great seven-letter word. 101 points in one turn.
  • Trader Joe's blue cheese fries... mmm... (Oh wait, already said that. They are that good.)

So there you go! T-minus 24 days until my other Independence Day (and T-minus 26 days until the corresponding food fest!!)


Justin said...

I felt guilty when I read about your Trader Joe's blue cheese fries, because it reminded me of all the Trader Joe's food of yours that I devoured while housesitting. (Although the official version of this story is that Vega ate all of it, obviously.)
But the mere mental image of you chasing a politician through Takoma Park while thrusting your perplexed infant at them is enough to make me feel better.
Happy 4th! Or I guess it's the 5th now...

J.J. said...

There's really only one Beach Boy in the Beach Boys: Mike Love. The rest are poseurs