Monday, July 10, 2006

Ah, Zinedine, you foolish man...

Not that we were rooting for France or anything. I wasn't, at least -- I'm thrilled that Italy won, despite their cheap win over Australia in the 2nd round. I was sure he would win the Golden Ball (which he did). And on the way up to visit my sister-in-law in New York, Angela floated the idea that Zinedine would be a great name if we had a second boy. ("Oh yeah," I said, "then we would have Zin and Xan." "No," she replied, "we could call him 'Dean.' And I know how much you would love that, with your James Dean fetish and all." She has a very good point there...)

Anyway, I found him to be quite the gentleman footballer, even if (like me) he's ancient at 34.

And then he goes and does something really stupid, like this:

I mean, really, what was he thinking? Hmm, maybe no one will see me? Despite the fact that the ENTIRE WORLD was watching? I mean, come on.

Well, there ends my sports obsession for another four years. And we have all learned that I should not predict anything sport-related. Then again, maybe I can procure a Spanish footballing jersy on discount now? Hmm...

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Lisa PW said...

A lot of the Azzurri on Jueventos are looking at following Cannavaro to Real Madrid. If that happened, I might have to switch alliances too.