Tuesday, July 25, 2006

One for the road

So why haven't I been posting of late? Well, folks, that's easy: because on Friday afternoon, the computer decided to go kaputski. I couldn't start the machine again in any sort of mode, safe or not. When I finally brought it into the IT folk yesterday at campus, they basically figured out that my hard drive had melted and that there was little I could do.

This made me extremely happy that I had taken some time out on Wednesday to back all the important Word files onto my campus file space. Whew!

I did lose some amazing baby pictures (which I had not backed up on Wednesday, thinking I would do so when I had more time on Monday... oops...), but most of the early stuff was backed up in May, so I'm also OK there. Double whew.

And, as it turns out, I was due for a renewal on my computer since, apparently, the campus replaces them when the warranty runs out after three years. So I'm now typing on a new laptop (looking all space-agey) and trying to remember all the bookmarks I had saved on the old computer. (Still, I'm a-likin' this new one.)

And why might I not be posting for a few weeks? Well, see, tomorrow I am leaving for Ann Arbor, Michigan to see my parents.



With Xan.

Followed by my driving to Cape Cod

The straitjacket for when I finally arrive on Cape had already been sized and ordered. In any case, I may not be posting for a little bit because either (a) I'm having trouble finding a good, free Internet connection, or (b) I have gone plumb nuts. Either way, wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

Are we there yet? ;)

Anonymous said...

Mucho driving - be safe on those roads. Where's Ange? Patty K

KC said...

You are stronger than me.

Much. Stronger.

Good luck.

Joel said...

As for not losing bookmarks from now on, may I recommend using Del.icio.us. You can get a browser pluggin for it, and then all of it gets tagged and stored safely on the series of tubes we call the internet.

And as for driving alone with children, don't be sucked into the trap of listening to kids music [I've taught the kiddo to enjoy such bands as Broken social Scene, The Secret Machines, and just about any synthpop outfit I can throw at her :)] Dancing in car seats is good fun for EVERYONE!

Middento said...

Joel, of all people, you should know that I have taken your advice long ago. Hence, we bopped most of the ride up to The Best of Blur, Depeche Mode's Music for the Masses, New Order's Power, Corruption and Lies and Travis' The Man Who. (There was also the Putumayo Lullaby CD for sleeping. But then, he ended up not sleeping anyway.)

Joel said...

OOOH! All Excellent Choices. One unexpected side effect with thhis sort of thing though. I had the iPod on shuffle on day with both the girlfriend AND the child in the car and of all things William Shattner's remake [WITH JOE JACKSON] of Pulp's "Common People" comes on... Now they both always want to hear that song. BLASTED!