Wednesday, July 05, 2006

"Well, at least there's one thing you can do in the dark"

The title of the post comes from one of Angela's ex-boyfriends, who turned and said that to her when the lights went out on the train -- and then whipped out his laptop. The moral here: when presented with a blackout, go for the instant romance.

There may be an exception, however, when watching a World Cup soccer match with friends and the lights go out during a terrific thunderstorm when Germany and Italy are still 0-0 ten minutes into the first overtime period.

After the collective scream, we scrambled around the house to find our portable radio in order to pick up the sole radio station that we knew was carrying World Cup games. Done entirely in Spanish with narration provided by an over-ebulliant Argentine and featuring a very catchy theme song ("¡¡Fútbol, fútbol, fútbol de primera, la radio del Mundial!!"), I translated as best as I could for everyone on our front porch, given the spotty reception and the excited Argentine. When, in second overtime, he yelled "Goooooooooooooooool," we still weren't sure who had scored and had to wait what seemed like an eternity before he yelled "Italia" and we all started cheering ourselves, no doubt startling all our neighbors still without power. (I was trying to act angrily, of course, since my "curse" is back -- but of course, I was rooting for the Italians. Sorry, Stefan.)

We just got our power back around 10 or so, and then it went out again for a while only to have just come back. And guess who's typing on a laptop now?

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