Friday, November 10, 2006

As much as I wanted to be Satine...

Which NICOLE KIDMAN Character Are You?

"Grace Mulligan" in DOGVILLE

Whoa! No matter where you go, small town or large, we both know you'll be the center of things. So fill the empty places with mercy rather than judgment next time around, won't you?

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Anonymous said...

Heaven, I should have known! LOL

"Virginia Woolf" in THE HOURS
Someone has to die... yes, yes --actually all of us do. But you could be a little less morbid beforehand, right? Enjoy your amazing gifts for a change. Less drama. More love, Virginia. Always the love...

Mrs. Non-Gorilla said...

somehow i wound up as alice in eyes wide shut. and i haven't liked tom cruise since... oh... legend?

i was kinda hoping for nicola in flirting, but i guess that's too obscure for one of those quizzes... *sigh*

anyhoo, the quote included was:

"You're sex appeal is so blinding we're losing sight of your other qualities. You do have others, right? Play those up for a change and when the time is right, let that stoner sex kitten back out for a prowl."

um. have i mentioned how much i hate improper contractions?

Middento said...

You know, I also complained at the lack of Nicola! That's still my favorite Kidman role.

Dan said...

Dude! I got stuck on the second question: "Are you faithful to your man?"

If I say "yes" it'll be like I'm gay or something (not that there's anything wrong with that). If I say "no" then it'll be like I'm some kind of promiscuous gay whore.

I'm stuck. Please advise.

Middento said...

Dan -- You make me laugh, dude. I hope the pseudo-serious tone of your comment is in jest because, quite frankly, I have no idea what to really do with someone who has that kind of gay panic, particularly for the sake of a silly quiz, for Pete's sake. I also can't imagine someone who would willingly start a quiz called "Which Nicole Kidman character are you?" only to be tripped up by a question that any Kidman character would legitimately be confronted with.

In my view, you have two choices: (1) get over yourself, hop on the gender-bending bandwagon for a nanosecond, and put yourself in Nicole's fabulous ensemble-matching shoes, which includes remembering that you used to sleep with a diminutive, couch-jumping Scientologist; or (2) take this quiz instead, which seems more up to your sense of "manliness."

(Hey Joel, I think you could come up with a good response to this one. Help an uncle out?)

J.J. said...


Anonymous said...

Yikes! I can't believe you spent so much time responding and you could have just headed to my blog, spent one second there, and knew that nothing I say is serious!

Geez ... get out a bit more dude. Visit other people's blogs! ;)

McNastabator said...

Why couldn't ask me what Jessica Alba character would I be...cuz I'm always hot and sexy.

Anonymous said...

diane arbus? who the fuck is that b@tch? and how come me/diane got kicked off the reading roll? (sniff) is it because i hadn't blogged since july? well i'm back and betta than eva!

stop by and i'll teach you all about football (players). :-)