Wednesday, November 01, 2006

"No, I don't want it."

Angela said she heard this yesterday, said (as it turns out) almost right after the cupcake shot shown below. I was skeptical, particularly since I was right there and hadn't heard it.

This morning, I heard him say it quite clearly. Spoken calmly, not even shouted.


A sentence.

With a comma, even.


KC said...

Holy crap! A sentence! Very impressive, Mr. Xan.

KC said...

Just wanted to say that I had a dream last night where Jolie said her first sentence! In Chinese!

I told JP this morning and he was wondering whether we need to get her checked out since she refers to crackers as "Ga!" and apples as "Ba-boes!"

Tina said...

First, I say again that Xan is the cutest little kid EVER!!! ( my brother. Family loyalty and all.)

Secondary side note, how interested are you in PostSecret? I ask because Frank Warren will be doing a book signing at Politics and Prose on Saturday, which will likely be awesome. We're somewhat friends and the book signings often have little extra displays. So much fun.

Middento said...

KC: Yeah, well, we think the sentence is largely repeated. We're just not sure who said it first. And hey, Xan doesn't speak Chinese, even in my dreams!

Tina: Thanks for the offer! I enjoy PS, though I have been lax in keeping up with it, admittedly. (And, given the amount I have to grade for your class, it's unlikely I will be able to emerge from my hole on Saturday at all... sigh...)