Sunday, November 05, 2006

Mmmmm... Electronic ballots...

(The above is meant to be read in Homer Simpson's voice.)

We're almost at that time again: Election Day. This will prove to be interesting, what with tight races for both Senator and Governor in Maryland. As Chief Judge, all I care about right now is that we don't have a repeat of the hell of last time.

Then, I bought a whole bunch of stuff and made a crazily yummy curried lentil dip. This time around, I'm bringing different things:
  • Pear-almond-chocolate chip muffins for brekfast
  • Artichoke-green olive tapenade and spicy bean dip with crackers for snacks
  • Maybe some flowers for the amazing school janitor who gets there at 4:00AM and doesn't leae until after we do at around midnight
Here's hoping things are better organized this time around. Hey, at least this time the BOE sent us a kit equivalent to Opening Procedures for Dummies. Marcy, I plan to count all the provisional ballots this time. And Priscilla, am I going to have to dress up nicely for Polish television?


emptywheel said...

Thanks, J Furry.

Middento said...

J Furry! I like that!

Anonymous said...

Kasia and I are having a darn good laugh, as I've just printed out my email/press credentials for Montgomery County for tomorrow. Our current plan is to harass the election judge at Bethesda Elementary, but we may need a backup plan for the afternoon, so its good to know we've got an alternate location for our shoot. At least there are good bagels near Bethesda Elem. Oh...and unlike the previous 3 elections, I am making no predictions this time. Gotta count all those ballots.

Middento said...

Hey, we're at Four Corners, which means there's decent Chinese, Peruvian, and Mexican food, along with a Trader Joe's. Plus, California Tortilla is offering free tacos to anyone wo comes in with an "I Voted!" sticker. Woohoo!

But so be it. I forgot to warn my troops that you might be comin. Ah well.