Monday, November 27, 2006

Next donation: bone marrow

We have already given money to our local NPR station. This year, we also donated our old car, thinking that we weren't going to get any money for it if we tried to sell it (and at auction, as it turns out, it went for three times what we thought we would get for it! woohoo! tax deduction!). I am now beginning to believe that NPR is just wants more and more from me than, quite frankly, is even legal.

This morning, you see, I realized that NPR has secretly been going through my CD collection for relatively obscure music selections to play as outtros for the news reports.

I mean, really, I was tickled that they selected the beginning of The Cure's "The Kiss" for "appropriate music" for reflection on the deteriorating situation in the Middle East. (I'm glad they didn't go for "Killing an A-rab"...) But who else has heard of St. Germain's "So Flute," a peppy little quasi-techno piece?

I suppose I should just wait a few years until I am no longer the perfect demographic for NPR. Or perhaps a better security system may be in order. My cat is clearly not doing a good enough job of keeping the NPR music director trolls out of my stash in the middle of the night.


wifeling said...

I, however, got locked out for a couple of hours this afternoon. Harrumph.

Anonymous said...

They played "A Thousand Hours" yesterday morning too, as an outro from a cancer segment. Someone at NPR stumbled across the KissMe cd! Keep listening this week for stories using "Torture" (Abu Ghraib), "Catch" (Bird Flu?), or "Hot, Hot, Hot" (global warming!).

-Well, Duh