Saturday, November 25, 2006

Why this household buys Kleenex at Costco

The bad news is that the Middents-Dadak household is heading down the path again of the interminable cold. Mom and Dad have been staving things off with Tylenol Cold and Sinus formula (mmm, goooood drugs...) while Xan is, alas, still relegated to infant formula drops. This also means that, rather than going to the zoo on this most gloriously warm of November Saturdays, Xan spent most of the afternoon asleep and feverish on Dada's chest, with both Middents boys still pajama'd at 4PM.

The good news? Xan's flexing of new-found vocabulary skills may have finally come in handy. Cries of "Wipe! Wipe! Wipe! Nooooose" have been heard throughout the house as he chases after us, instead of us chasing after him to make sure snot doesn't go everywhere. He still hasn't quite figured out that he can, of course, wipe his own nose with the blanket he has in his hand, but we can work on that.

On a similar note, Xan's cold really must have started last night, since he was still babbling away at close to 11:30PM, almost 4 1/2 hours after he had been put to bed. He usually babbles at who-knows-what for about half an hour or so before nodding off, but this was ridiculous. I finally thought I should tell him to go to sleep and walked into his room with a stern expression (akin to Willow Rosenberg's "resolve face"). But then, all of a sudden, a little face with wide eyes turned to me and very clearly said, "Helloooooo!" It was all I could to do not to crack up right then and there. (This, by the way, was repeated only 20 minutes later with Angela, except then he cheerily said, "Hi!") Even with snot, the kid cracks me up.


KC said...

Sorry to hear about the colds...but, how come Xan's words sound like real words?

I mean, seriously.

Middento said...

I don't know! Maybe it's all the Schoolhouse Rock I fed him as an even smaller child, although you'd think that the similar amount of Cure and Pet Shop Boys I've exposed him to would cancel that out...