Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I am so fab...

...that I can change my son's diaper without his waking up. Score!

This may have something to do with the fact that we arrived hom from the airport just before 10 and he was still somewhat awake (if only to say "Bed!" but with a gigantic smile), so he was probabl knackered from the flight. (That, and apparently he made a friend in the Providence airport who he then proceeded to chase around a SmartCart station at least two dozen times.)

Or, I'm just fab.


Rusty said...

TF Green Airport rules! Did your son enjoy the giant lobby yacht?

Also, can I drunk dial you when I'm on Cape?

Anonymous said...

According to GreatGrandma Mackey, Xan said "I'm adorable". So you two are the fab and ad boys!
Patty K

Anonymous said...

Rusty -

Yep, he loved the lobby yacht.
"boat boat boat boat"
"Yes, Xan, that's a boat."

Mother of Xan