Monday, October 31, 2005

Darn you, U.S. government!!

There are many reasons why I am shaking my fist like Homer Simpson this morning at the U.S. Government. (Say, for example, the new Supreme Coast Justice nominee.) But my beef this morning is far more mundane: I'm railing against Daylight Savings Time.

Why? you ask. After all, did you not get the extra hour of sleep/fun this weekend? Oh sure, I would have. Except someone forgot to tell my baby! Having no clue what daylight ssavings time (or, for that matter, time in general) is, he woke up at his normal time for the day this morning... which now is around 5:30am. Thr itony is that now (at 7:00am) he's napping, while I'm awke.

So, because I love my son, I blame the government.


Mrs. Non-Gorilla said...

there's commisseration for you over at cold spaghetti --

Holly said...

Back up at 5am. Sorry that you are going through this, too... although it makes me feel better to know someone else is (probably) up cursing the systems that be!

Hikaru said...


i woke up early -- well, my usual "late" wake up time -- to call in sick. =D but then i did car maintenance stuff allll day. =/

what a waste of a free hour, no?