Friday, October 28, 2005

It don't mean a thing if you ain't got that...

My adoring blog-readers, your clamoring has been heard. I have been very lax at updating the blog of late and I apologize. (This, right after I told my cousin Mónica to keep checking it.) Things have been busy, busy, busy -- and won't get any better on Monday, when I will receive the papers from both classes that I idiotically assigned to be due on the same day. This weekend, with the nuptuals of one Katie Taylor happening (and Angela and I in full costume at the wedding), doesn't stand to be much less busy.

Hence, this is a perfect time for my son to discover that there is possibly no greater therapy than a swing. Somehow, I think he understands.


Rusty said...

You scheduled papers on Halloween? You are more of a monster than anything Universal could have come up with.

Did you know Halloween and Halloween weekend features more alcohol consumption than any other time (excluding New Years and Super Bowl Sunday)???

Shame on you for not letting the young ones have their fun.

Middento said...

Oh yeah? Watch how much alcohol I will have to consume grading those papers.