Friday, October 28, 2005

Evidence that improving Sino-American relations are perhaps not a good thing

Ange showed me this and, while we wonder what exactly our colleague Kelly was googling when he found this instead, I assure you that this is possibly the most compelling three minutes of video you will see in a long time.


Mrs. Non-Gorilla said...

oh, man, i think i'm in love with the one on the left. and what's the guy on the computer doing?

Middento said...

I know!! The guy on the computer in the background is the BEST PART! Angela says it's a disgruntled student. My guess: embarassed geeky younger brother.

c said...

wow, great advert for the nba, too. rockin' the yao ming jerseys. thanks for the laugh. cool blog. peace.

Hikaru said...

...what? you mean those aren't really the backstreet boys?


o, and the kid on the puter's playing a first person shooter.