Monday, October 31, 2005

Trick r' treat!

What I learned this Halloween:

  • There are "live" streets where families go all out, have lots of candy and tons of kids frolic everywhere. And these kdis are not just neighborhood kids, but gangs of kids either interloping or being trucked in from other parts of town. Woodland Avenue, where we first tried to buy a house and where our friends the Dusseres live, is a "live" street.
  • Likewise, there are "dead" streets where virtually no one will show up. Because it is a main road, as of now at 8:40pm, I officially believe that I live on a "dead" street. Which is OK, because we can just go over to the Dusseres.
  • It is also a good thing because one must be certain to always buy enough candy. The Dusseres were running out so I rushed to our place to bring half of our Wonka cache and all the Take 5s and chocolate chip granola bars (for the granola parents).
  • Kids love Wonka. But I already knew this, because last year my Peruvian nieces and nephews only asked for bags of Wonka candy and I brought each of them a five-pound bag I had hoarded since Halloween the year before. They still talk about it. Also still talking about it are my cousins who are still upset at me -- not that I brought their kids the candy, but that I didn't bring them (my cousins, the kids' parents) any candy.
  • Kids also love Heath bars. This genuinely surprised me, since I always considered them "adult candy bars."
  • Kids do not like coconut. The Dusseres were getting passed over since all they had left were Mounds. Luckily, I love Mounds.
  • Students have a hard time taking their professor seriously if said professor is wearing bunny ears or (more distracting) a cottontail. (Pictures to come.) The gravitas partially returns, however, when you give them a quiz. On the day that their midterms are due. Yes, I am evil.
  • The Supreme Court can get tricky.


J.J. said...

Your Halloween class has devolved from an elaborate T.A. assassination by Norman Bates to bunny ears and a cotton tail?

Mrs. Non-Gorilla said...

photos! photos! i want photos!

Shaak Ti said...

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Joel said...

Pictures please. I feel compelled to show Mariana pics and say, "Look, this is daddy's Uncle Jeff. And you already are familiar with Daddy and Poppa[Jon]. Now do you understand why life will never be quite normal for you?" Call it a lesson in genetics.

Middento said...

Joel, you're making me upset now that I didn't go with the Carmen Miranda costume I wanted to. Then again, that would have been only perfect if I could have then also dressed Xan up as a pineapple.