Thursday, October 13, 2005

This one's for Julie Donahue, for obvious reasons

My nephew (the lucky bastard) got Lloyd Dobler. And I haven't seen this one. Still...

Which John Cusack Are You?


julie said...

You are SO John Kelso! Compassionate-check, Inquisitive-check, tuxedo hotness--of course =)
I got Walter "Gib" Gibson. I am so going to send this link around! Will be interesting to see which one Bob gets. A timely post, as I spent part of today watching High Fidelity (I quit my job). Love checking this blog all the time.

Mrs. Non-Gorilla said...

heh. i am lloyd dobler. not a really big surprise.

btw, what did you think of the book?

Anonymous said...

I'm Rob Gordon. That Cusack is such a cutie - loved him in Pushing Tin!
Patty K