Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Not to mention I was wearing my sweatshirt that reads "American University DAD"

I took Xan this morning to go see In Her Shoes at the Georgetown Loews cry-baby screening, where I was one of two people with a Y chormosone in a packed theater over the age of five. (Though not nearly as accomplished as A History of Violence, which I saw last night with Cuozzo, I found it far more entertaining than I thought it would be. Not up to director Curtis Hanson's other work, but still fun.)

The priceless moment came before the screening. As I purchased my ticket, a woman came up with her baby behind me and said, "Oh, how cute. Are you a manny?"

Ah, Washington.


Karamale said...

you did give her an "i oughtta b*tchslap you" look, right?

Joel said...

yeah, I still get:

"Oh, how cute! Is Daddy baby-sitting today?"

The rampant sexism against both single fathers and involved fathers make me ill.

Pardon my rant.

Oh, and don't kill me for my latest post. :)

Middento said...

Oh no, rant away. I agreed, after all.

And I haven't seen MY&EIK, so I'm actually curious about it now that you've posted about it.

Joel said...

I won't go so far as to guess that you might like it [Seems awfully bold to tell a man who somehow got a degree in Cinema studies that they'd like a flick :)], but I do think you'd at least appreciate it for what it is. It's on DVD currently. And as far as I know NetFlix has it too...